Silage bales must be sealed with between 35% and 50% of dry matter. Low dry matter content increases the formation of bacteria. A dry matter content greater than 55% increases the risk of mold formation and causes loss of sugar.

The bale-forming process has to start shortly after production of the bale, within 3-4 hours in order to avoid airborne contamination / pollution.

Packing of the bale must be done with as much pressure as possible, so that the internal oxygen is reduced as much as possible.

Apply 6 layers halfway overlapping each other to obtain round bales with a diameter greater than 120 cm. (Maximum Forage Humidity: 70%) Apply 4 halfway overlapping layers one over the other to obtain round bales with a diameter of up to 120 cm. (Maximum forage humidity: 55%).

In all cases, 6 layers is the minimum number recommended by the most important producers, in order to obtain an efficient barrier against external atmospheric agents, since the barrier against oxygen is the most important issue for the correct preservation in the Months that followed.

The use of a net is generally preferred since it packs the round bale in a uniform manner and doesn’t cause the deformation found in the formation of twines, in addition to having a greater risk of air within the bale.


ManuGreen is guaranteed for 12 months, starting from the time of its application. Manuli offers an addition guarantee:

If necessary for contractors or farmers, it’s possible to arrange the presence of specialized Manuli technicians during use of the film.

This additional guarantee is given because Manuli is certain of the high quality and performance of ManuGreen. ManuGreen must be used in accordance with the provided instructions.
Replacement of the film will be considered only if nonconformity is found, and as long as the film has not been damaged due to careless handling.